The Falling Leaves

Bonjour! Call me Em, 20, Student and musician from Paris. I'm obsessed with a lot of TV shows, books and movies that it makes my life a little bit depressing. I have the joker smile and I laugh very loud.

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Tout est douceur, tout est couleur. Parfaite harmonie. C’est étrange comme mon monde parait moins fade lorsque tu en fais partie. We’re a perfect team aren’t we? 

myuniqueblogname a demandé: Ever Skype at all? Don't know if I still have you on mine though... Oh and ever cam on anything? I miss talking with your beautiful and talented self.


Your blog is not giving me enough information to guess who you are aha!

I don’t really cam on anything anymore, maybe someday i’ll do it again, but right now, not really.

Condescending people are the worst of all.

Anonyme a demandé: Are things OK?


Yea sure!!

                     You have no effect on me whatsoever.

If I had to to it again, i would have never left the only person I’ve ever loved, even if it didn’t feel real, and was nothing like perfect, it was the only time i really felt something for someone. ImissyouJ. 

Anonyme a demandé: You are right. You always need to be first and you yourself should always be at the centre of your life; that doesn't change regardless of whether or not you're in a relationship. Anyone who wishes to encroach on your own personal space needs to get their priorities sorted. Don't worry. Breathe.


Thank you. I was starting to feel like maybe, i was just being selfish. 

I am used to be single. I like having this sort of independance and feeling myself free of any commitment. I like not having to make any concession between my love life and my music, because i will never put anyone before music, and I think that if someone really wants to be with me, he just has to understand and be okay with that. Then why am I feeling so fustrated about it? Because i just can’t deal with someone that wants to be the center of everything in my life, i need space and i need time to breath before i can think clearly about what i am feeling and what i am not feeling. And you’re not giving me time.

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